Introduction to the new website of the European Committee on Radiation Risk

In 2015 and 2016 scientific papers published by members of the ECRR began to put extreme pressure on radiation risk model which is the basis for nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and the use if Depleted Uranium weapons. Following the most important and recent of these papers, published in January 2016  the website of the ECRR, was hacked into and stolen by an individual with addresses in the UK and phone numbers in Canada, none of which are real. In addition, scientific members of the ECRR are acting as experts and as the representative in a very important legal case in the Royal Courts of Justice in London for 3 weeks from June 13th 2016. The stolen website has been altered by the hackers and all the emails with the address are no longer safe: messages to these are redirected to the nuclear/ military psychological operations centre which we have been told is based with named individuals associated with the University of Illinois Institute of Technology.
The website is a mirror site for the information that was on the site which should be assumed to be in the control of the nuclear/ military complex. Please only contact us through the site and its associated emails.

CERI Recommandations 2003 du Comité Européen sur le Risque de l’Irradiation
Étude des effets sanitaires de l’exposition aux faibles doses de radiation ionisante à des fins de radioprotection
Traduit et adapté par Françoise Dupont et Paul Lannoye
Publié au nom du CERI par Éditions Frison-Roche
ISBN 2-87671-449-3

The ECRR office manager has no information on the price of this edition. Please contact the publishers, Éditions Frison-Roche, 18 rue Dauphine, Paris 75006.

Note: This translation is of the 2003 Recommendations. In April 2010 the Committee published new Recommendations. The Committee hopes that the new volume will become available in French.

Link to Executive Summary in French